Nigerian author Chimaman Adichie talks about the danger of a single story  in this inspiring  TED Talk.

Creating a classroom which respects the histories and perspectives of all children is a large component of rights-respecting and global education.  Addressing the multiple perspectives of students in our own classrooms and of students around the world means providing opportunity for students to reflect on their own biases and assumptions and to hear the perspectives of their peers.  Doing this at the beginning of the year with your students fosters a community where various perspectives are understood and respected.

UNICEF Canada’s teaching resource Education for Development‘s section on Images and Perceptions looks at stereotypes held around people from other countries, particularly the developing world. The activities are designed to challenge the roots of prejudice and promote understanding between groups and reduce stereotyping while developing an appreciation of diversity.

Teachers can also bring books into their classroom which share the stories of children from different backgrounds.  Toronto has a great bookstore called Another Story which is familiar with the Ontario curriculum and can make suggestions to teachers.

Do you know of similar bookstores in other cities in Canada?

What are you doing to avoid the single story?


About UNICEF Canada

UNICEF Canada's Global Classroom program supports teachers and schools in their efforts to integrate global education in the classroom and promote the rights of the child.

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  1. mslombardo says:

    What an amazing talk! Every minute was insightful. This is a strong message for all, but particularly teachers, who invest so much time in books with students each day. We really need to be more mindful of the texts we present to children.

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