In my last post, I shared about using an activity called “Who in the World Are You?” as a springboard for encouraging the appreciation of multiculturalism.  As many students take pride in their heritage, they must also learn to develop an appreciation for the world’s diversity of language.  Our globalized society allows us to be so connected to others around the world through exposure to literature, travel, the internet, and so on.  The ability to speak more than one language is such a privilege, and children need to understand the opportunities that are made available to them because of linguistic ability.  In an attempt to begin a recognition of the various languages spoken within the homes of the students’ in our classroom, we shared the variety of ways we say “hello” in our native tongue.  The greetings have been posted in the hallway, along with a picture of each student waving their hand.  There is also a description about the variety of culture within our classroom.  Students and teachers have been inspired by this activity, as they have been able to recognize familiar greetings and learn new ways to say “hello” to others.

Check out our display in the attached photo, with the following posted to highlight the connection to children’s rights:

All children have the right to practice their own culture, language, and religion. – United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 30


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Hey there! My name is Daniela, and I have been born and raised in Toronto. My two greatest passions are teaching and travelling. I am currently a Grade 3 teacher, and I love learning with students on a daily basis. Aside from talking about the world, I enjoy reading books of all kinds, which I consider to be cherished collectibles. My life goals are as follows: 1) Never become too comfortable to settle. 2) Visit a new country each year. 3) Find my way to help the world, one step at a time. What's your global footprint? Think about it. Happy reading!

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