This last month has been a whirlwind of activity and emotion.  I have been quite absent from this blog and it is because there was the idea that I might be moved to another class and I was hesitant to update if I were to change.  I have not changed locations and am in fact still with my class of awesometastic grade 8’s.  There is so much that I have to update you on so I will start with September.

September was a blur, my kids were great, they were well behaved and we definitely worked together as a unit.  I feel that we work together wonderfully.  I know that we have a mutually trust and its evident in the way they react to the lessons that I teach.  Often, my lessons veer into the realm of social issues.  We talk about everything from facebook to the struggles in places like Afghanistan to the lessons in language and how to write a good sentence.  The reason for this connection is the fact that they know that we have to have mutual respect for each other.  I tell my students everyday that “I love their whole faces”  Its my way of telling them that they are important to me.  I believe in them and they should believe in themselves.

At the beginning of October we had the food drive going on at the school for Thanksgiving.  I was shocked by the lack of leadership that my class in regard to the amount of food they were bringing in.  I challenged my class to bring in 44 cans (or boxes) of food and I would bring them chips to celebrate the achievement.  Having this bit of initiative my kids brought in 60 cans of food and to show them that I too support the food bank I brought in baby food.  After this my students began to take on more leadership roles in the school.  Recently my students became aware of the number of teen suicides that have happened in both Canada and the States as a result of bullying.  Through facebook, my students also learned that there would be a “national stop the bullying” day where you wear purple to show your support for non bullying awareness.  My students brought the idea to me and have now organized the entire school to participate in this event to bring awareness to the fact that we DO NOT tolerate bullying of any kind.

Later this month my students will also be working with social justice in “loaning” money to a third world entrepreneur through  They will be going through the various profiles and choosing one person whom we will support this year in their business venture.

I couldn’t be more proud of these students and what they are doing this year.


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