As teachers, on a daily basis we are surrounded by children and youth with huge imaginations and dreams.  Twelve year old Adora Svitak in her Ted Talk, What adults can learn from kids, addresses how the future can benefit from these uninhibited minds through setting high expectations, creating creative spaces, and listening.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child outlines in article 12 that children have the right to give their opinion and for adults to listen.  Think of some of the ideas children/youth have come up with in your classrooms….what could happen if we gave space and time for some of these ideas to come to fruition?  The possibilities really are endless! Think back to some examples offered by Adora in her talk such as: Charlie Simpson. Another famous example is Severn Suzuki speaking at the UN 1992 Earth Summit.

Do you have an example of how you listened to one of your students and saw great things happen because of your attention?  Please share – we would love to hear your stories!


About UNICEF Canada

UNICEF Canada's Global Classroom program supports teachers and schools in their efforts to integrate global education in the classroom and promote the rights of the child.

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