This lesson plan was written by CATHY LORENZ, a Simon Fraser University pre-service teacher. Thanks Cathy!

The butterfly is a modern symbol of freedom, fun & joyous times.  I feel that these elements are critical to a safe classroom that is conducive to learning.  Have your students brainstorm how they can make members of your classroom environment  experience freedom, fun & joy, for example, by using kind words or by sharing.  The ideas that your students generate will create the backbone of your classroom charter.

How to create a bulletin board that is titled, “Freedom, Fun & Joyous Times…”

The bulletin board will come to resemble a butterfly garden. First have the students create the flowers for their garden.  One way of doing this is by having the students paint their handprints in a circle to resemble petals.  In the center of each flower have the students write their ideas on how to encourage freedom, fun & joyous times in the classroom (ex. by using kind words, by sharing etc.).  View the picture of a sample bulletin board with hand print flowers below (picture is coming).

Next, it’s time to create some butterflies for the garden.

Stained Glass Butterflies
*Clear 2-litre pop bottles, labels removed
*Glitter glue (gold or silver)
*Permanent Markers
*Butterfly patterns, create your own or use coloring pages/clipart
*Pipe Cleaners

Preparation: Empty, clean and dry a clear 2-litre pop bottle (don’t forget to remove the label). Then, cut off the bottle top and bottom. Cut a slit down one side and unroll the bottle (each bottle produces 2 pieces of rectangular plastic). Tape the unrolled plastic to the work surface(desk), with a picture of a butterfly beneath it.

Have the students out-line the butterfly with glitter glue, see picture below.

Let the glue dry and fill in the spaces with permanent markers.

After 24 hours, cut out the butterfly. Cut as close to the edge as possible.  Bend butterfly towards the middle for a more 3D look.  Attach pipe-cleaner antennae with hot glue. Add the butterflies randomly among the flowers in your garden using sticky tack.

Not only will this “butterfly garden charter” add beauty to your classroom, its bulletin board format will make your classroom “rules” or behaviour criteria easy to reference.  Also, anytime the need arises, changing some of the expectation is as easy as adding or removing a flower.


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