If you’re reading this post, you probably think teaching kids about the world is necessary for more reasons than filling the media literacy box on the report card.  With so many intriguing events taking place around the globe each day, it doesn’t take much to get students engaged.  But sometimes, it is challenging to find that “just right” news report with student-friendly language and content.   Check out http://www.teachkidsnews.com, a new online resource is available to help students, teachers, and parents access a variety of age appropriate articles, organized by subject and grade level.  You will be delighted to learn that it is easy to use and practical.

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About mslombardo

Hey there! My name is Daniela, and I have been born and raised in Toronto. My two greatest passions are teaching and travelling. I am currently a Grade 3 teacher, and I love learning with students on a daily basis. Aside from talking about the world, I enjoy reading books of all kinds, which I consider to be cherished collectibles. My life goals are as follows: 1) Never become too comfortable to settle. 2) Visit a new country each year. 3) Find my way to help the world, one step at a time. What's your global footprint? Think about it. Happy reading!

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  1. Frank Baker says:

    You should also know about the “news literacy” initiatives—each designed to help students better understand the role and process of news making, news gathering and reporting:

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