There are so many things “to do” at the beginning of each school year: organize books, create student labels, finalize schedules, prepare long range plans.  Aside from all of the organizational details, we also strive to set-up a classroom that is manageable and visually appealing for our students.  Bright fadeless paper, colourful borders, and eye-catching posters about setting goals are amongst the many decorative items that can be found in educational resource stores.  In my first year of teaching, I spent unmentionable amounts of money on such supplies, and even more on the lamination so that it would last for years to come.  While arranging my new classroom this year, I quickly realized that many of the pretty posters I had stored away are no longer useful for me.  I believe that a rights respecting classroom should provide opportunities for students’ voices to be heard.  As such, it must be their words, pictures, and ideas that fill the walls of the classroom.  I hope that beginning the year with blank walls will help the students know that the classroom is their own, and that they will take pride in seeing their insightful examples of learning surrounding them each day.


About mslombardo

Hey there! My name is Daniela, and I have been born and raised in Toronto. My two greatest passions are teaching and travelling. I am currently a Grade 3 teacher, and I love learning with students on a daily basis. Aside from talking about the world, I enjoy reading books of all kinds, which I consider to be cherished collectibles. My life goals are as follows: 1) Never become too comfortable to settle. 2) Visit a new country each year. 3) Find my way to help the world, one step at a time. What's your global footprint? Think about it. Happy reading!

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